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    1. News & Announcements

      All news and information about our ScandinaviaMod and generally our forum can be found here

    2. Introduction

      Why not tell us about your self :)

    3. Suggestions & Feedback

      Got any ideas or improvements you wanna suggests? To make Scandinaviamod.com better?

      Then post it here so everyone can vote & reply to your ideas and so on that will improve our site alot!


      All suggestions & Feedback is appreciated

    4. Forum & Chat rules

      All new members, follow here!

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    2. ScandinaviaMod Academy

      Are you interested on joining the developer team? Show your mapping/modding skills here

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    3. Development WIP

      This is a section for all developers to post their work

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    2. Bugs

      In this section, bugs can be reported that is found in the map mod. Say which map version it is and/or current map version.

    1. Show Off

      Share some videos & Pictures of you playing our mod/map.

    2. Off Topic

      Off Topic

      Got something to share that is not related to any other section on this forum? Then this is the right section for you :)

      Below you can find a list of content that is strictly prohibited to post.

      You're not allowed to post the following:

           - Pornography.

          - Malicious content.

         - Pirated content (files, software, games etc)

         -  Advertisement of services, websites, pruducts etc.

          - Or anything else that violates the law.

    1. Norwegian

      For Norwegian members

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    2. Swedish

      For Swedish members

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    3. Danish

      For Danish members

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